Gangnam Style Exceeds TWO BILLION VIEWS!

Psy Gangnam news update: For all you fans of Gangnam, it has exceeded TWO BILLION VIEWS!!


Here's the original Gangnam Style (Official Psy Channel) again:

What's the secret of Gangnam's virality? "Surprising visuals ...." and more ...

YouTube's director of engineering: "Something about the democracy of the platform (re YouTube),
allows users to access whatever they want, whenever they want ... "

(Not to mention that Psy is a good sport - look at the many parodies that's sprung out of Gangnam?
Does he delete his videos? And has anyone been blocked using his audios? Let me know.)

So What is Psy Doing These Days?

Psy - I Partied With Snoop Dogg in South Korea

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