PINTEREST Tutorial: How to Get Access to Your Analytics

How to Gain ANALYTICS Access on Pinterest

You need to open a business account on Pinterest for this.

And to verify your website in order to access your ANALYTICS.

Log in and go to Settings, or Analytics to get started.

There Are Two Ways to Verify Your Website:

  • Download a verification file and upload this to your website's root folder or
  • Alternatively add a meta tag under the 'head' tag of your index page 
  • Go to or click on analytics after login, to start.
  • Use the meta tag method if you are using hosts like blogger, wordpress, etc.
  • Click on "verify with a meta tag" button found on the bottom LHS corner:

    • Then go back to and complete the verification step there.
    • That's it, easy as. At least in theory, because in practice this does not work!
    • Solution? Maybe host your webs elsewhere? Any ideas / comments are welcome.
    • You can contact them regarding your problem here:

    PS: not necessarily related to this topic but note, with secret boards you can only pin FROM it and not TO IT (from boards that are public and visible) - that is, it is a ONE-WAY STREET only. This may be important to you if you are using secret boards as part of your Business Strategy!