EYE MAKEUP: Hooded Eye Makeup for Mature Women

Hooded Eye Makeup Tips for Mature Women

Is your hooded eye-shape or eye-shape that's 'hooding over' (age-induced) a 'challenge'? Aging doesn't help, it can accentuate undesirable features more.

So check out the above video for some tips - mainly to give the illusion of an eye-lift and an eyebrow-lift. A droopy eyebrow contour can be detracting as it makes you look more tired and older than perhaps your chronological age.

You can also apply these makeup-tips if you have naturally hooded eyes. Go easy on the amount of makeup - eye-liner and eye shadow - to avoid a tired or over-dramatic look.

TIP: Less is more as you mature. Whiteners, lighteners in the eye-socket areas and high-lighters on your eye-lids and brow bone ridges when cleverly applied and blended can make a difference to roll back the years!