Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Beijing Catwalk, China 2013

"Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week China for the exquisite NE Tiger Spring/Summer 2013 Beijing catwalk show."
(Sorry for this video now being withdrawn - it does not make sense why it would be published publicly or allowed to be embedded in the first place if the publisher was not into sharing it.) Anyway, enjoy the rest of the blog post as the next two videos are interesting if you embrace Han Couture which is coming into its own which is good news indeed as it is based on a very distinctive and elegant 'couture' history.

View the video above to see Chinese fashion, design and fabric on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion catwalk circuit given a whole new twist as you have never seen them before in their traditional settings.

Lotus Theme: Imaginative Variation of the Traditional Cheongsam

Beautiful, inspiring, unique and excitingly creative the above fashion catwalk show-cases the clever blend of both the 'old' elements and the new cuts, of East and West fashion-fusion, and the strong contrast between plain - but sumptuous, satiny, silky or diaphanous - fabrics and rich, traditional, embellishments to give a Modern Chinese Fashion theme that's refreshingly unique and distinctive from its catwalk counterparts elsewhere in the world. Dare I say it, with regard to Dragon Fashion the Tao of Fashion is upon us ... will Versace's successor be mandarin-speaking?

The Upper View of the "Lotus Leaf Collar"

It's wonderful to see the above designers keep faith with their own unique, natural and national, fashion 'brand' and draw inspiration from its local, rich, cultural and artistic legacy even as it embraces / adopts "modern" or other fashion concepts from other cultures.

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