Psy's Got Style! Check It Out HERE!

After featuring robots that go gangnam-ho here's the real deal!
How about awesome energy and style? Gangnam style that is.
Yep! You've gotta hand it to him - the man's got STYLE - and he knows it! 
See our pic below to discover what it is!!

** Super PSYchedelic Style **

(: Love the Energy and Tempo Don't Ya? :)

What's Your Style?

Psy's soundwaves are beautifully 'visualised' by Microsoft!

By the way as the video on Youtube with the most views (approaching one billion views in only 4 MONTHS!! UNREAL!!) it shows just how spectacular this Gangnam movement really is. Though some cynics think it's a one-trick Pony, does it matter? This 'Pony' is estimated to bring in $ 6-7 million this year (many different estimates from different sources - quoted in euros, british pounds - suffice to say he will make up to 10 million but we have not accounted for Christmas sales yet!), (been on YT for only 4 months - his YT earnings). That's much more than what other people's "thoroughbreds" earn in a (long) LIFE-TIME!! All this from just ONE HIT! Not bad for a baby horse!!

Check this out - he wins the Guinness Book of Records 
'Gangnam Style' became the most viewed video on YouTube last month crushing Justin Bieber's Baby (released 2010)
on November 24th!

I wouldn't be surprised if there is more to this Foal than meets the eye.  I can hear the tills busy chiming this season ... all for the love of P$Y, sigh ... I can think of many more tricks this Pony can do.

 This Pony has more lives than a Cat:

More P$Ychedelic charm ...

Fancy P$Y's autograph?

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I suspect next year his earnings could be even more; it's been reported that
the track could be featured as an item number in forthcoming Bollywood movie Kick,
starring Salman Khan.

And what about China? Bound to have fans amongst all that lot of humanity!

Wonder if they will allow him to perform at the Forbidden Palace?? Mmmm...

Might not go down too well with their ancestors or with the living either,
all that bouncing and horsing around ... makes a change from all that Tai Chi, though.

This 65-year old, Chinese, Hip Hop Supergran who performed Michael Jackson's dances
at the competitions would sure take to Gangnam I reckon!!

What about you? YES YOU!!

How are you gonna take the world by Storm TODAY??

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