One Direction Gets Pelted With Bras!

If you're gonna throw bras try something that will grab his imagination?

Coconut Monkey Bra


 Fishnet Bra / Strappy Garter belt / G String -Set

Tip: Avoid chunky bras with thick, heavy, metal fittings - in case you didn't notice it One Direction hurls bras back at the crowds!!

(One Direction is the boy band that Simon Cowell discovered and mentored on X-Factor 2011
to huge successEmblem 3 seems to be heading that way judging
from what Simon thinks in Xfactor USA 2012).

Trust me, you do NOT want to walk around with a black eye the next day!

(Try explaining to your boss or mates how you got that eye!!)

Would you throw it back if it was a fish-net thingy?

Eat your heart out Simon Cowell!