Nail News: How To Paint Music Nails

Very Easy Music Nail Design

Impress your friends with this cute novelty design - Music Nails:

  • Use two colours, black and white.
  • Paint 3 lines
  • then a dot for each note - in black
  • then the 'sticks' 
  • try these if you have a steady hand - paint quavers or seminquaavers!
  • - add one tail - for a quaver
  • - add two tails - for a semiquaver
Musical Note 1 Clip Art
Sixteenth Notes, Joined In A Pair Clip Artsemiquavers   Double Note Clip Art                                                   crotchet


"Twinkle, twinkle, little star" Design:

If you have a very steady hand try painting a tune on your nails eg. "Twinkle twinkle litter star":
Paint - C, C, G, G, A, A G (G sits on the second line, A sits in the second space) - I have created this little score so you can see where the 3 notes are found (for the C major key of Twinkle). Remember to do two notes of each note, and only one for the last G.  

(Tip: Don't paint the score, just the note, for middle C (the note that's crossed by a line through it).

If you paint a treble clef on your thumb, you could paint two notes eg. C, C on your index nail, G, G on your middle finger nail, and A, A, on your ring finger and lastly, another G on your pinky nail! Try it out - sure to impress your friends!

And then complete the tune on the other hand!!

(Nb: The notes have been coloured so you can pick it out easily when you're painting the "twinkle little star" design.).