How to be Fashionably TRENDY Without Splurging!

How to be Trendy for the New Season on a Slim Budget

2013 is just round the corner but hang on a minute ...
don't throw out your 2012 wardrobe yet, take your favourite pieces and give it a new lease of life.  Use your 2012 basics and add 2013's accents - with a little imagination and inspiration you can create a whole new wardrobe without spending a fortune.

This video gives some good ideas on how to mix and match clothes, accessories and shoes for a total look. The basic black, white and pastel items are perfect mainstays as they're easy to recycle as backdrops for your new fashion statements.

Lace is still in, add a new lacy cardy or jacket layer to update your outfit instantly. Lacy look collection.

Belts: are quick and economical accessories that can spice up or update items, just buy the most current one and mix and match with other belts or wear by itself.  Don't throw them out too quickly as they are easy to recycle, depending on how you mix and match. You can change their colours or jazz them up with beads, tassles, etc., same with shoes, and handbags (you don't need to spend a fortune to make a personal statement especially as fashion trends are transient, unless you want to).

Crochet Eyelet Lace Back Cami Vest Top
Romantic collection

Colours: Yellows, lime, oranges are everywhere, so are turquoises - a bright, young, Tropical theme is evident. Have fun with sunny colours this season. Leos would love this theme - suits golden, playful cats!

Need help with your allure? More than scent ...  

Tops: Short, crop, ruffled tops are still in .. so are jackets. Keep a couple of staples - for work/ business, and add a couple more for fun or accent (a romantic peach jacket is a versatile item).

Skirts: Very short skirts still abound but there are full length, wide skirts, not too billowy but not pencil either. Still plenty of choice for more feminine or romantic tastes.

Pants: A pair of skinny white pants gives a break from black tights. Great for summer, casual or formal. Add some fun shorts to your collection.

Smart white peep toes

Pretty Miss
Shoe Catalogue

Shoes: A pair of beige and black platforms are essential as classic staples for the serious diva, then throw on the fun and funky shoes when you need to make an accent statement, or if you're in a playful or casual moodDefinitely slip on your booties if you want to up the fashion-ante!  Below is just one sample of a pair of booties with a difference, in fire-engine red and bound to keep you on your toes!

Platform Peep-Toe Ankle-Boot

Jewellery: necklace - combine showy with more 'sedate' items; rings - any size goes; bracelets - wide or narrow - bangles, metal - - not so much bling overall. Acessorise! So easy to change the mood of an outfit by playing around with this. Definitely possible to get great bargains here. Take your high-street budget, add a dash of imagination, a dollop of inspiration, sprinkle confidence and flair liberally all over your cornflakes -  and voila! - look a million bucks. Noone would be the wiser.

TIP 1: Take what works and then adapt it for the next season with the smart use of accessories, styling and mix-and-match combinations that suit your own personal style. And don't forget the handbag - it's a very easy item that you can use to catapult an ordinary outfit into a street-stunner.

PS: For the X-factor - cap it off with a trendy hat! See how Britney Spears does it @theXfactorUSA.

TIP 2: Put the sparkle back into your relationship this season. If you've been neglecting your partner remember that when you are intimate, both of you experience closer bonding, due to the release of oxytocin, a bonding hormone, that according to the latest research, literally stops your partner from straying away from YOU. It doesn't have to be humdrum - light a (bon)fire and melt his heart now. And it doesn't have to be one way either - he'll love you more for thinking about him.

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