You're Never Too Old When It Comes To Fashion!

Madi Gaga - When You've Got Style, You've Got ... STYLE!!

Check this out. 72-year old Liu Xianping, ex-farmer turned fashion model, has become an Internet Sensation in China modelling teen women's, fashion clothes for his grand-daughter, Yuekou,
who runs an online fashion store on T-mall.

Liu aka MaDi Gaga ('funny elderly') really has the looks, legs and even the poise of a Fashionista!
Never mind the age, gender, hair or anything else, just take a look - it's there,

 that indefinable quality - that fun and flair for Fashion!

The slight, youthful frame and the almost-elfin face with the short hair-cut looks the part.
 And he really has the kind of legs that many a gal would die for.

His colorful combos obviously appeal to buyers as his grand-daughter will testify.
Orders have been brisk and sales volume is up 500 %!!

Liu is seen sporting opaque tights, overcoats, diva sunglasses, handbags, mini skirts,
trendy jackets and sometimes women's wigs.

Eat your heart out Gok! :)

PS: China's population is over 1.2 billion, to take China by storm is to literally win over millions of hearts. That means more following than some top celebrity profiles on Twitter!
Not bad for a 72-year old!