Street Fashion in Shinjuku

What Other Fashion is Available in Shinjuku, Tokyo?

Wondering what the local fashion is like? Apart from the Fembots of Shinjuku? Watch this video.

Shopping Tips:

"Shinjuku is one of the busiest places in Tokyo - and that means shopping. There are at least 4 malls around Shinjuku, ranging from
  • Isetan and Odakyu that sell high end fashion brands like Hermes and Armani 
  • 0101 One (Shinjuku Marui One) that sells Lolita and Visual Kei clothing. 
  • For guys, the best place to go is 0101 Mens, 
  • and also the mens floor in Lumine EST (accessible by Shinjuku Station). 
  • There are also at least three Uniqlos (sort of like Japanese Gap) in Shinjuku." 

Guess what we also found at Shinjuku?  The street's sidewalk is also a treasure trove!
Turn Your Sound On for the Best Guitar Jam Session in Shinjuku!

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