Robot dance wows judges with Gangnam routine

First gigantic Fembots from Japan, now dancing Minibots from China! Enjoy!

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These dancing Minibots come complete with choreographed routines and dance-step precision that would put their human couterparts to shame! One of those TinyBots even held up her little frock (Dancing with the Starbots?) - kinda cute don't you think? And of course what dance competition would be complete without at least one Gangnam Gangup?!

Perhaps some Gizmo Whizz Kid will come up with RAPbots next ... and give the judges from The X-factor USA  a run for their money with an Emblem-3 or Lyric 145 Routine!
Then eat your Supercalifragilistic heart out Simon C!! :)

Dancing with the Starbots!!
Pretty Miss Minibot During a Dance Competition

TIP: Never do things by half - go Big or Shrink the Kids!

See  abit more of the Gangnaming Routine that stole the show
and the 'gold medal'!