Justin Bieber has Style and Fashion Flair!

Grahpics: Design cover for "Mistletoe" by FashionPassionDiva.com

We were not fans of this teenage idol but having looked at many of his photos recently we are impressed. Justin has a natural flair for clothes - he can wear stuff that would not only look unattractive on some guys at best, but downright out of place on others!

Click on the Christmas Cover of his latest video on YouTube to see how well he showcases even the most casual of clothes!  He is a natural model and is very photogenic as well - just check out the thousands (may be millions) of his photographs online. This lucky teenager has been endowed with more than his fair share of talent and looks - he has style and flair! And at the recent AMA awards on 18th November, 2012 Justin thanked and paid tribute to his mum several times. This can only increase his popularity ratings as it's obvious that he is well brought up and doing a great job of growing up. Parents should be happy that he is proving to be such a great role-model for teenagers.

We like Justin's 'signature' style where he often wears interesting hats that match his funky shoes.






Look at Justin's Attractive Shoe-Boots in Fire-engine Red!!

We like Justin's choice of clothes and his signature style where he often teams up eye-catching hats with shoes that make a statement.  Not to mention those earrings that only serve to stamp his personal style in a way that not many young males can. In short we like Justin's style and fashion sense and the ability to carry it off with flair. Justin has a future in the Fashion Industry if he wants it. Finding time would be the challenge for anyone busy making platinum hits!

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Bonus: Guitar chords for Justin's 'Mistletoe'

23 November 2012 - Starship Hospital's Christmas Album 2012
Justin Bieber with Starship patient Makenzie Perry at the national children's hospital
when Justin visited Starship in July 2012. (Photo: Michelle Carlson)

Justin's Mistletoe will also be available in this special album, see the announcement below where -
Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Other Celebrities Donate Royalty-free Recordings for NZ's Starship Hospital's Christmas Album 2012.

On sale for $16 from The Warehouse, umusic.co.nz, ASB True Rewards and good music stores, the artists and tracks on the album are (what an awesome lineup!):

• Queen 'Thank God It's Christmas'
• Elton John 'Step Into Christmas'
• Lady Gaga (featuring Space Cowboy) 'Christmas Tree'
• Justin Bieber 'Mistletoe'
• Adeaze 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'
• Michael Jackson 'Little Christmas Tree'
• Hayley Westenra 'Sleigh Ride'
• Maroon 5 'Happy Christmas (War is Over)'
• Tiki Taane 'Over the Rainbow'
• OneRepublic 'Christmas Without You'
• Ronan Keating 'Little Drummer Boy'
• Jackson Five 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'
• Lucy Lawless 'Little Child'

Under The Mistletoe [CD/DVD Combo] [Deluxe Edition] 

"UNDER THE MISTLETOE is a seasonal mix of traditional Christmas standards and newly penned holiday music largely co-written by Justin. The album is available both as a standard CD and as a deluxe CD + DVD edition. The latter includes four additional holiday songs on the CD, plus 25 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage and the video for “Pray” on the DVD. Other guests on the album include…"

Well done Justin!!

16 January 2014

Did you know, Justin Bieber also has his own line of perfume? Check it out here on my blog.

And here on Pinterest. And we like his packaging and jar design - Justin's Someday Perfume.

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