MyShapes – Underwear Reduce Cellulites With Nanotechnology: Start-up Idea

MyShapes – Underwear Reduce Cellulites With Nanotechnology: Start-up Idea

Underwear reduces cellulite with nanotechnology

By Michelle Hammond
Tuesday, 24 July 2012
start-up-idea_Double_HelixA new range of underwear has been launched online which manufacturers claim actually helps to burn fat.

Italian firm MyShapes uses nanotechnology and crystals that focus infrared rays to create a material to reduce cellulite.

It claims the Emana range is a “curative and cosmetic line with infrared rays” by stimulating blood circulation to the skin’s surface.

Among the list of benefits, MyShapes insists the new range helps eliminate toxins, naturally counters skin flaws caused by cellulite, improves metabolism and even decreases the lactate acid during sport.

It also claims to have a clinically tested international patent for the product.

To obtain the cosmetic effect of Emana, it’s recommended people wear the garments for at least six hours a day for 30 days.

According to trials carried out by MyShapes, 50 women who tried the range for 60 days saw the appearance of cellulite reduce by an average of 11%.

As women become increasingly determined to look thinner with less effort, why not develop your own cellulite-reducing range of underwear?

Postword: Oh my, check this out - all you ladies will love this ... reduce cellulite and look thinner? .. with no excruciating exercise, in fact no exercise at all - period!  Where can we get some of these miracle undies?